Tax planning

Tax planning and optimization of taxation

Tax optimization is the basis of the company tax planning. Optimization of taxation provides the development and implementation of effective company management system, which provides a long-term reduction in tax payments.

It should be noted that the mechanical reduction of some taxes is not one of the methods of tax optimization, and often leads to negative consequences in the form of increased tax rates on other types of taxes or fines from regulators.

Development and optimization of methods of tax schemes is a very complex process and requires the participation of highly qualified lawyers, accountants and financiers, as well as experts in other fields. Our team of experts can develop a set of measures or individual tax scheme, which is aimed at medium and long term reduction in tax payments and to increase business profits.
Implementation of our tax optimization schemes:
  • meets the requirements of the legislation;
  • it has high levels of efficacy and safety;
  • resistant to external and internal factors.
During the development of the individual tax optimization schemes, our specialists take into consideration all the nuances of your business: the business of the company related to its operation risks, the structure of companies, the geography of the sales market, the number of employees, and more.

The cost of financial planning

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