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Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

The rights of foreigners who have received a permanent residence permit

The presence of permanent residence permit guarantees a foreigner the same rights as citizens of Ukraine. However, there are exceptions, which are provided by law. Among them: the right to vote and the right to public service.

Basic rights of a foreigner with a residence permit:
· Medical care;
· Employment without a special permit;
· Register at the place of residence;
· Apply for visas;
· Use and receive assistance from government agencies;
· Banking services;
· Getting an education;
· Pensions and social benefits.

The process of obtaining a permanent residence permit

An important aspect when applying for a permanent residence permit is obtaining an immigration permit. This document is one of the most important in this procedure.

An immigration permit is a decision of the authorized central executive authorities on immigration issues, which give the right to foreigners and stateless persons to immigrate. This document is provided within the immigration quota or outside the quota for certain categories of foreigners. We will be happy to tell you more about quotas personally at the consultation.

A person who lives in another country must first issue an immigration permit to enter Ukraine. Only after fulfilling this mandatory condition, the diplomatic mission or consulate of Ukraine will be able to issue an immigration visa.

Terms of registration of a permanent residence permit

A residence permit, according to the rules of registration, is issued within a week from the date of acceptance of the application. The cost of registration, the amount of state duty are approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. However, bureaucratic procedures may be delayed and the time for obtaining a residence permit may increase several times. Be prepared for this in advance.

Our company has extensive experience in obtaining a residence permit for foreign citizens, and we know how to speed up this process by properly preparing a set of documents, as well as having the necessary contacts, which allows us to achieve results in a short time. We provide a wide range of services and guarantee the fulfillment of the order on time.

General documents for obtaining a permanent residence permit

The list of documents and requirements for them is quite voluminous and with many nuances. We will list the main documents below, but additional documents may be required on an individual basis and in a specific case.

Basic documents:

1. application for immigration;
2. identity document, its copy;
3. notarized translation into Ukrainian of the passport page with personal data;
4. marriage/birth certificates;
5. certificates confirming family ties or place of birth;
6. document confirming the registration of the investment (if you are an investor);
7. 8 photos on a matte base;
8. receipt of payment of state duty;
9. certificates of no criminal record in Ukraine and in the country from where you arrived;
10. a contract for the purchase or rental of housing, consent from the owner of the apartment and all his household for your accommodation, certified by the housing Department;
11. certificate from the housing department about living in the apartment;
12. certificates of the absence of AIDS, tuberculosis, other infections, a certificate from a narcologist.


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