Obtaining European license for forex and binary options

European license of binary options brokers

It is not required to obtain license for binary options, but why do you need it? For example, you can register a company in offshore zone, where practically do not pay attention at the activities of financial companies. However, very often brokers tend to obtain licenses even in different states at the same time.
The benefit for the company on the availability of licenses for binary options is the trust of potential customers. Which broker do you prefer: registered in Malta and controlled by nobody, or the one whose activity under the supervision of a reliable financial regulator?
Typically, in order to obtain brokerage license it is required to pass through several stages:
  • Registration of the company;
  • Submission of the list of documents to the government agency dealing with licensing;
  • Submission of additional documentation (if applicable);
  • Obtaining of the license or a motivated refusal

Obtaining of forex license

Forex – is the interbank international currency market. Nowadays, Forex trend is becoming increasingly popular in a number of states, particularly in the CIS. This is due to high demand (desire for good money), legislative prohibition of gambling business in many countries, as well as the weakness of the exchange of the stock market of the CIS. While this popularity is increasing, there are new forex firms in the market every day that require forex dealer license to conduct lawful activities.
For applicants to obtain such license there are similar demands, namely:
  • An excellent business reputation of the applicant;
  • Specialized education and experience in the forex market of the manager staff of the company;
  • The lack of incidents that tarnished the reputation of the company managers (criminal record, refusal to obtain licenses, ratings, bankruptcy, etc.).

Obtaining the license with OK Capital

If you are interested in organizing a forex broker, dealing center or to create an investment firm, you’ve come to the right place! No matter what state you intend to carry out your activities, upscale OK Capital company experts are always able to provide you with professional advice and help you to obtain a European license for forex and binary options.

The cost of obtaining a gambling license:

  • The cost of obtaining a gambling license for Forex ranges from $ 60,000.
  • The cost of obtaining a gambling license for binary options range from $ 60,000.
OK Capital Company specialists with extensive experience in obtaining licenses, offer tailor-made solutions taking into consideration local legislation, the budget, residence and other nuances.


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