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International registration of trademarks

Registered trademark (TM) gives the entrepreneur a number of advantages: the right to USE a unique trademark, legal protection, increases the level of trust of clients and partners, etc.
The business, which has a high level of trust and awareness among consumers, may also rent other companies the right to use the trademark. This type of business is called franchising.
It is worth noting that in Ukraine the state registration of the trade mark is not required. However, if the entrepreneur plans to expand its business, would like to create own brand and gain the trust of clients and partners, then the registration of the trade mark is an extremely important matter.
There are two ways to register a trademark in several countries at the same time:
  1. Apply for trademark registration in each interested country separately;
  2. Apply one application with a list of interested countries. This opportunity is enshrined in the Madrid Agreement and Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement concerning the international registration of marks.
Of course, the second option is much more popular among the entrepreneurs, because it is necessary to fill in one application form and submit one package of documents for registration of the trade mark in several selected countries. Trade mark registration application could be filed in one of three languages (English, Spanish or French) and is submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The registration fee is paid in Swiss francs and the list of selected countries can be expanded in future.
It is worth noting that the trademark registration under the Madrid Agreement requires the applicant to complete the registration process of the trademark in own country first and after that to submit a package of documents for international registration in the WIPO. Trademark Registration under the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement entitles the applicant to submit a package of documents for the international registration immediately after the filing of the application for registration of the TM in own country.
The process of registration of international trade mark takes an average of about 1 year, and issued an international certificate of registration of TM for 10 years with possibility of extension.
OK Capital company specialists are ready to help you register a trademark abroad:
  • We will help you to decide on the list of countries for the registration of TM;
  • Prepare a package of necessary documents;
  • We solve all organizational issues, and you will save your time and get a certificate to the registered in compliance with all international trademark laws.

Cost of international registration of TM


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The cost of service of international registration of trade mark by OK Capital specialists is $ 100. Additional fee is charged for official duty for TM registration in country You have chosen.