Apostille and legalization of international documents

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In what cases legalization of documents is required?

When Ukrainian citizen gets a job abroad, enrolling in educational institutions, marriage, participation in the establishment of law firms and other procedures it is required to provide appropriate documentation. Usually it is required legalization of documents – Apostille, in order for it to be recognized and accepted into consideration abroad. The same procedure applies to foreign documentation provided in Ukraine.

Documents issued and acting on the territory of one country, may be used in the territory of another country only after their legalization in a particular order, unless other is provided by the legislation of countries or the provisions of international instruments, which exclude the legalization process for these countries.

Apostille it is a stamp or an application stamped by the authorized state bodies in the original or a copy of the document and confirms validity of this document. Despite that the documentation requirements are unified nowadays, there are many nuances and difficulties that legal entities and persons may face during registration the relevant documents. That is why the best way to apostille documents in Ukraine is to use services of professionals of the OK Capital company.

Advantages of Apostille in OK Capital Company

Using services of our experts, you won’t have to understand where to take this documents, how to fill in complicated application forms, stand in long queues, and most important – spend your nerves, worrying about what documentation would be framed incorrectly or at the wrong time, if you would need urgent legalization of foreign documents.

We will quickly help to make Apostille of foreign document and will resolve all related issues. Service of standardized certification of legality of the document or Apostille of documents is a fairly popular service now, and the price in our company is quite democratic.

Cost of Apostille of foreign documents

  • Cost of Apostille of foreign documents by OK Capital specialists ranges from $ 335.
  • Cost of Apostille of documents in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine ranges from 200 UAH.
We are a responsible and attentive to our work and take into consideration all the features of an Apostille, we make additional translation of all documents and their notarization, and also we provide all related services for Apostille procedure.


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