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Tax risks analysis

Proper tax planning is the key to success of any enterprise. One of the main tools of tax planning is tax risks analysis and its optimization.
Analysis of tax risks is also referred to as financial and tax Due Diligence or abbreviated DueD, DDG. Due Diligence implies a comprehensive assessment of investment risks, as well as a comprehensive review of the object of research. Typically, Due diligence is carried out by a team consisting of auditors, appraisers and lawyers, who make it in several stages depending on the purpose of analysis.
It should be noted that the purpose of this analysis can be assessment of ready business before to buy it or before implementation of the merger or assessment of the advisability of investing in the object of research.
Tax risks can be divided into two types:
  1. The adverse effects that may arise due to the violation of tax legislation, non-payment or late payment of taxes. Such risks could result denial of tax deductions and refund of the tax, prohibition of the use of tax incentives and in special cases even criminal liability.
  2. The second type of risk can arise due to the lack of deep knowledge in the field of tax legislation. Often these risks entail an overpayment of taxes in the budget on an ongoing basis.

Much more complicated with analysis of tax risks of the business that have a complex branched structure, representative offices or headquartered abroad. In this case it is required fully assess the tax risks, taking into consideration the tax legislation of all jurisdictions in which the company is represented.

Analysis of tax risks, their evaluation and optimization with OK Capital it is a comprehensive plan of action that is based on data of financial department, the legal department and economists who have successful experience of international tax optimization companies.
Based on the obtained data from OK Capital, you can be sure that the tax accounting of your company complies with all applicable laws and is optimal in terms of minimizing tax payments.
  • In addition to the analysis of tax risks and recommendations for optimization, we can offer you legal and accounting services for the company, as well as service – tax advice.

The cost of financial planning

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