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Residence in Latvia

The residence permit in Latvia

Latvian Republic is member state of EU and the Schengen Agreement. So with a residence permit in Latvia you can legally stay in the country for more than 90 days and to visit any other EU country without a visa.
Of course it is not all the benefits of obtaining Latvian residence permit. Those who have obtained a residence permit in Latvia have access to EU banking system, they have a right to work in the country, they can get a European standard driving license and to buy a car with European numbers, etc.

All benefits of the person who received a residence permit in Latvia also apply to members of his or her family: wife \ husband and their minor children.

There can be the following reasons for obtaining a residence permit in Latvia:
  1. family reunion or a marriage registration with a citizen\ not a citizen of Latvia;
  2. business registration or entry into the membership of the board of the enterprise;
  3. employment contract;
  4. investing in the economy of the country;
  5. study at an accredited university;
  6. availability of the EU Blue Card.

Required documents to obtain a residence permit in Latvia:

  • Application form;
  • Bank account statement;
  • 1 photo;
  • Reference with information about the presence or absence of a criminal record;
  • Document with information about the place of residence (rental agreement or property documents confirming the ownership of housing in Latvia);
  • Other documents confirming the purpose of stay in the country. For example, a copy of the marriage certificate for wife\ husband, employment contract, etc.
The processing time of a residence permit in Latvia takes from 1 to 3 months and it is issued by the Office of Citizenship and Migration in Latvia (OCMA).
There are many effective ways to get residence permit in Latvia, but to select the optimal option each situation should be considered individually.
After five years the owner of a temporary residence permit in Latvia has the right to apply for a permanent residence permit.

To obtain a permanent residence permit in Latvia the following is required:
  • to be a resident in the country and not leave it for more than 3 months;
  • to know the Latvian language at a level not lower than the category B1;
  • to be registered in the rented or own apartment in Latvia.
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The advantages of obtaining residence permit in Latvia

Unlike other countries, only the desire of the applicant and its rationale will need to obtain a residence permit in Latvia and advantages are obvious:
  • status is provided to the investor and his entire family;
  • you don’t have to live in the country at all;
  • registration of the residence permit held distantly, personal presence is required only to obtain the status, but registration in the country in rented or in your own house or apartment is a must ;
  • formula residence permit in Latvia = residence permit in Europe will provide your business and the whole family of civilized legal framework and the European mentality, which means stability and security.

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