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Services of foreign auditors

Audit of the company it is an analysis of the financial reports of the company for a certain period in order to confirm the data, which is indicated in the financial reports.

Audit of the company may be either mandatory or of company’s own record.

If the company is registered abroad in one of the prestigious and low-tax jurisdiction, it is required for company to conduct an annual audit of the financial data. According to the legislation of some countries, in addition to the annual audit, it is also required to promulgate the auditor’s report in the legally prescribed term for the official acknowledgment of their legitimacy and credibility.

Audit of company’s own record (initiative audit) is conducted to inform investors and the owners about real situation of the foreign enterprise. Such audit can identify existing issues in the activities of a business entity, as well as help to develop a plan to solve it.
Our services of audit for foreign companies include:
  • analysis of financial statements for a certain period;
  • analysis of registration and constituent documents;
  • analysis of the contractual framework of the enterprise;
  • analysis of the personnel documentation;
  • identification of issues in the financial activities of the company and preparation of recommendations to solve it;
  • preparation of the conclusions of the audit of a foreign company.
Regular audit enables the owner of the company to be sure that all financial transactions are legal and, of course, its increase the level of customer confidence in such company.
OK Capital specialists will conduct a full audit of the company registered abroad and will prepare the audit conclusion. We can also offer you services of legal and accounting services for foreign company.

The cost of financial planning

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