Opening of accounts in foreign banks

OK Capital specialists will assist you in opening an account in a foreign bank, for both legal entity and persons.

Open an account in a foreign bank for persons

Among the advantages of opening an account in a foreign bank for person is a high level of confidentiality of foreign banks, as well as no foreign exchange control in many financial institutions in the territory of offshore zones. Unlike in Ukraine, many foreign banks are different by promptness of payment, clear and transparent terms of cooperation, as well as an established legal framework and competitive rates. It is worth noting the high level of security of foreign banks. Your funds can be on a savings or investment account, and for the operational management you only need access to the Internet.

Opening a foreign account will allow you to save your money from inflation and high tax rates on income from deposits.

We will assist you to choose a reliable bank and to find an optimal conditions for the safety and augmentation of your money and assets, prepare the necessary documents and open a foreign bank account without necessity to travel abroad.

Open an account in a foreign bank for a legal entity

The purpose of opening an account in a foreign bank for a legal entity can be both a tax optimization and simplification of mutual processes with foreign partners. Many companies and private funds open accounts in foreign banks in order to preserve information about the beneficial owner of business secure.
It should be noted that the opening of corporate foreign account gives the company a number of advantages:
  • optimization taxation of the enterprise
  • the possibility of settlements with foreign partners;
  • access to the banking system of the foreign State;
  • the safety of funds due to the high level of security of banks. For example, owners of corporate account in the USA bank get government mandatory insurance against bankruptcy of the financial institution;
  • favorable conditions of maintenance and high-quality service;
  • confidentiality of clients. Most foreign banks do not disclose information about the account holders;
  • no foreign exchange controls (for banks in offshore zones)

The cost of opening a bank account

To our corporate clients we suggest to pay attention on the Latvian banks, as they offer quite interesting conditions for work with legal entities. In addition, local banks are reliable, have a Russian-language service and it is possible to open a bank account in Latvia quite quickly.

Switzerland is still the leader among prestigious jurisdictions for opening a bank account abroad. Despite on established requirements of major Swiss banks to the remaining balance on the account ( on the average from 150 thousand to 2 million. CHF) many business owners decide to open a corporate account in Switzerland.

If you are interested in opening an account in offshore bank, you should consider the banks of the Republic of Mauritius, Belize and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Among the benefits of offshore banks are loyal working conditions, the possibility of using nominee service and complete confidentiality.

Many foreign banks require the personal presence of the representative of the company to open an account. As representatives of a number of international banks, we provide our customers the opportunity to open an account without a personal visit to the bank.

Our specialists will assist you in choosing the best jurisdiction for your purposes and reliable bank to open a corporate account, as well as prepare all the necessary documents.

Let’s discuss all the nuances of opening an account abroad at convenient time for you. Please complete the form below and our specialist will contact you. We guarantee full confidentiality.


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