Integration of the different payment systems

Types of payment systems. Integration of payment system

Payment System (PS) – a set of tools aimed to organize electronic payments from the client to the seller. Thus participants of the process make processing, confirmation and structuring of the information, following up the payment to the end of the transaction.
There are many types of payment systems: intrabank, interbank, domestic, national, international, etc. They are divided into private, mixed or state; single-level and double-level; divided by the method of calculation and data type.
By the method of payment all payment systems can be divided as follows:
  • Card payment systems. The most famous international payment systems – MasterCard, American Express and Visa;
  • The system of electronic wallets such as WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI and others;
  • Systems that accumulate payment funds. Among them are PayPal, Moneybookers;
  • Payment aggregators, gateways or universal systems, which combine the possibilities of accepting payments using a credit card and \ or e-wallets and other payment instruments (Wirecapital, Payin-payout, Payboutique and others).

The cost of internet acquiring services

There are several stages to integrate payment system.
  1. Completing the form and submission of an application to integrate PS;
  2. Considering the field of activity of the applicant PSP and the acquiring bank gives prior approval or refusal;
  3. Upon prior approval to integrate the PS, bank has Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure to verify the applicant , as well as online resource for compliance with all established requirements;
  4. Final approval of the applicant by the Bank and the Payment system. The signing of agreement;
  5. Bank will open a merchant account to the applicant;
  6. Payment System will create an account to the applicant;
  7. The applicant will receive technical protocols (API protocol). Technical Integration.
In addition to the above payment methods, our clients quite often are interested in additional services of accepting payments with cards (Recurring payments), as well as the possibility of mass payments and other partnership programs.
Service of Recurring payments (regular, periodic payments), or so-called Subscription allows to automate payments, which systematically are made by the customer to one recipient.
After integration of such service as recurring payments, the payment system will offer its client to make target payment for Your product or service automatically. The customer will receive debit funds notification from the card until he will refuse to use this service.
It is very convenient technological solution for customers who pay for subscription services, forex brokers services, gambling, social networking services, utility bills and other types of services on a regular basis.
Another popular service is a service of mass payments.
If you wish to make payments to partners, customers or employees regularly, in this case the service of mass payments will be perfect solution for your business.
Online payments are not limited by the number of recipients and made in a convenient form for sender and recipient:
  • to the bank card or bank account of recipient;
  • to e -wallets in payment systems;
  • on a mobile phone, etc.
Specialists of our company through an extensive partner network will offer favorable conditions for cooperation with payment systems and optimum size of discount rate for making payments. They will assist in integration of the payment system even for high risk business. Also they will recommend additional services to optimize your work with customers and partners.
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