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Long-term Visa (type D)

A long-term visa (type D) is a type of visa issued to foreigners or stateless persons to enter Ukraine in order to issue documents granting the right to stay or reside in Ukraine for a period exceeding 90 days.

The Law of Ukraine "On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons" provides for a provision according to which the legality of the stay or residence of a foreigner or stateless person on the territory of Ukraine for more than 90 days within 180 days is confirmed by temporary or permanent residence permits, which are issued in accordance with certain legal grounds.

One of the mandatory documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit is a passport or other official document of a foreigner or stateless person with a corresponding long-term visa and a copy of the page of such a document with a visa, except in cases where a person is not required to obtain such a visa in accordance with this Law, other laws of Ukraine or international treaties of Ukraine.

There are a number of countries with which international agreements have been concluded that cancel the need for a visa D for citizens of these countries to apply for residence permits in Ukraine. Among such countries: Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan. Citizens of these countries are not required to apply for a visa D. It is enough for them to leave Ukraine and re-enter Ukraine after proper registration of the grounds for obtaining a residence permit.


What is the peculiarity of a type D visa?
· On the basis of a type D visa, a person gets the opportunity to issue a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.
· A person can get a D visa only if there are certain grounds for a long stay in Ukraine (for example: marriage, education, business, immigration, etc.).
· Only with a type D visa, a person can apply for a residence permit, but this does not apply to residents of visa-free countries.

For how long is a type D visa issued?
As a general rule, a type D visa provides an opportunity to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days. The validity period of the visa is 1 year.

How to start applying for a type D visa?
Before submitting an application, a person must register on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (visa.mfa.gov.ua) and fill out the form. After filling out the form, you will receive information about the date of your visit to the Embassy (Consulate) to submit documents for obtaining a visa. You can apply for a visa only at the embassy (consulate) of a foreign country, and if you are a citizen from a country of migration risk, then you can apply only in this country.

What documents are required to submit to the Embassy/Consulate?
1. Application - a questionnaire of the prescribed form.
2. A passport document that must meet the following requirements: be valid for at least three months after the declared date of departure from the territory of Ukraine; contain at least two free pages; valid for no more than 10 years;
3. The document on the basis of which the foreigner is going to stay in Ukraine (the basis). This may be an invitation from an educational institution, a marriage certificate, a work permit, an immigration permit (in the case of a permanent residence permit).
4. One 35 x 45 mm color photo.
5. A valid medical insurance policy covering expenses of at least 30,000 euros or equivalent in another currency, unless otherwise provided by legislation or international treaties of Ukraine. This requirement does not apply to persons who use a diplomatic or service passport.
6. A document confirming the financial condition. This can be a bank statement, a card account statement, cash. This requirement does not apply to persons who use a diplomatic or service passport.
7. A document confirming the payment of the consular fee.

What are the deadlines for reviewing applications?
The standard term for reviewing documents is 10 days, accelerated to 5 days. The accelerated registration procedure does not apply to citizens from countries of Migration risk.

What is the amount of the consular fee?
The consular fee is 65 US dollars, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine. For urgent visa processing, the consular fee is charged twice.

What grounds can there be for refusing a type D visa?
The grounds for refusal may be different, below are some of them:
· threat to national security or protection of public order;
· availability of information about a foreigner or a stateless person in the database of persons who, in accordance with the legislation, are not allowed to enter Ukraine or temporarily restricted the right to leave Ukraine;
· the passport document of a foreigner or a stateless person is fake, damaged or does not correspond to the established sample belongs to another person;
· giving knowingly false information or forged other documents;
· lack of evidence confirming the purpose of the planned stay in Ukraine of a foreigner or a stateless person;
· the applicant's request to terminate the consideration of the application for a visa.

In case of refusal to apply for a visa, a person can apply again. In case of refusal to apply for a visa, the consular fee is not refunded. The decision on refusal may be appealed by filing an appeal to the Consulate of Ukraine.


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