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Opening of accounts in banks of Russia, Ukraine

Today it won’t take much time to open a bank account by legal entity. However, before to open a bank account you should choose a reliable financial institution and determine the optimum bank tarrif for the enterprise.

How to choose a reliable bank

Find out whether a financial institution is reliable will help the latest ratings of the banks that are regularly published in the media. In these ratings you will find information about the assets, loyalty of investors, the bank’s stress resistance, assess of reliability of bank by analysts and other useful information.
Pay attention to the services that the bank offers to its customers (online customer support, account manager for corporate clients, system and etc.), the level of protection of personal data, as well as the number of bank branches and regions in which it is located. The last is particularly important for companies, which offices are located in different regions or different countries.

For different types of businesses banks offer a variety of package solutions. During choosing a tariff plan it is important to take into consideration all the nuances of your business: whether settlements will be made within a single state or several, how often you want to receive payments on the current account, in what amount, whether these payments will be from the legal entities or persons, how often you are planning to send funds from a checking account, are you going to open a payroll card for employees etc. In the end all these nuances will help you to determine the best tariff plan and you will not spend extra money on committed transactions.
Requirements for documents to open an account may vary depending on the bank.
Typically among them are:
  • registration certificate;
  • statistics Code;
  • memorandum of the company;
  • passport and individual taxpayer card of the director;
  • seal of the enterprise

The cost of opening a bank account

OK Capital Specialists will assist in choosing a reliable bank in Ukraine, Russia and Georgia. They will select an optimal conditions of the service for your company and will help open a corporate account quickly.

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