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Merchant accounts

Merchant Account: concept, main features and benefits of using

Merchant account it is a special trade account that allows you to accept money from client’s VISA, MasterCard, American Express plastic cards using the Internet. Such account could be opened in the acquiring banks.
If you want to accept payments from customers not only through credit cards, but also through the electronic payment systems such as PayPal, WebMoney, Qiwi and other, merchant account could be opened with Payment Service Provider (PSP).
The main difference between the bank account and the merchant account is that a merchant account is connected to the website, where the customer should enter the data of his credit or debit card to pay for the selected product or service.
Advantages of Using Merchant Account:
  • Accepting payments from the client 24/7;
  • Expanding the market by using the Internet – the customer can pay for goods or services from anywhere in the world;
  • Optimization of taxation, if the merchant account is opened in the offshore bank or low tax jurisdiction;
  • The opportunity of choice for customers of the convenient payment method – electronic money or bank card (if the account is opened with PSP);
  • The confidentiality of the transaction;
  • The ability to process up to one thousand transactions per minute, etc.
Among the companies that actively use the merchant account are:
  • Internet shops;
  • Network marketing;
  • Companies operating in the high risk industry:
  • – Travel agencies;
  • – Forex brokers, Binary options brokers;
  • – Online casino;
  • – Software companies and related proposals and services on web design;
  • – Pharmaceutical companies;
  • – Lottery games;
  • – Dating & Adult;
  • – File Sharing services and cloud servers for data storage;
  • and many other.

Open Merchant Account

It is not possible to open a merchant account for physical person, so it is required to have a registered legal entity.
The company must have its own website, which must meet the following requirements:
  • there must be listed prices for the goods or services on the site;
  • there must be listed methods of payment for goods or services, as well as the terms of service or delivery of goods;
  • there must be Terms & Conditions or the rules of provision of goods and services;
  • there must be Refund policy or procedure for a refund;
  • contact information (address, phone, e-mail), as well as the license (if activity is required for licensing);
  • customer data should be protected through the https protocol;
  • logos of Visa, MasterCard must be placed on the site.
Of course, this is not the whole list of requirements for opening a merchant account. Requirements to the company and to the information are set by acquiring banks and by PSP independently and are subject to change.
Our experts monitor changes of requirements to open a merchant account every day. We work only with reliable acquiring banks and PSP, as well as have experience in opening merchant accounts for high risk industry.
We will assist you in:
  • registration a company (hyperlink to the offshore registration page) for openning a merchant account in offshore, low tax and prestigious jurisdictions;
  • developing and implementation an optimal scheme for cooperation with acquiring bank or PSP;
  • preparing all the necessary documents, including licenses, statements, etc .;
  • choosing a profitable rate for receiving payments from customers and operating service for the merchant account by the bank;
Learn more about how to open a merchant account, prices of opening a merchant account at a free consultation.
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