Residence, temporary residence permit and patent in Russia

Residence, TRP and patent in Russia

According to the Russian legislation, foreign citizens and guests who came to the country can stay for 7 days without a notification to the FMS and residence registration. After the expiry of 30 days it is required to arrange the migration patent or to register (you will need to keep the tear sheet of the intersection of the borders of the Russian Federation issued by the Custom) in the regional Office of the Federal Migration Service. All categories of citizens can apply for a temporary residence permit (TRP) procedure that can take from 60 days to 6 months, if the quota is expected. For the former Russian citizen, now citizens of other states; born in the RSFSR before 1991, combatants, war veterans; or citizens who have relatives in Russia (father, mother) the procedure takes up to 60 days and do not require a quota.

The package of documents for the TRP, the migration patent is supplied to the FMS of Russia or to the Russian consulate in the territory of Ukraine. To issue a migration patent takes about 10 working days.

To get the TRP (and after 3 years the residence permit in Russia), it is required to find out which category you are. A complete list of persons entitled to receive TRP without quotas can be viewed on the website of the Consulate of Russia or on the official website of the Federal Migration Service.

For each region the state allocates quotas to TRP. The number of quotes is limited. The Russian government has developed a national program and one of the program is voluntary resettlement of compatriots. Participation in this program allows foreign citizens to get TRP and residence permit faster (accelerated procedure). The program identifies areas for resettlement and further employment of immigrants. Housing is provided.

What is the difference between migration patent and TRP?

Migration patent is issued for foreign citizens who have come to Russia to work for a period not exceeding 1 year.
TRP entitles not only reside in the territory of the Russian Federation within 3 years, but also to engage in labor activities, receive health care and education. Minors receive TRP with parents (guardians). Families that are planning to stay permanently on the territory of Russia and to become citizens of Russia in the future, they have to collect a package of documents for obtaining a residence permit a year after. Since the validity of the TRP is only for 3 years with no further renewal. TRP operates within the area, without the right of residence and employment beyond its territory.
The list of documents required for the migration patent and TRP can be changed each year. For more information please contact the territorial bodies of the Federal Migration Service or consultants of our site.
The required list of documents to obtain a migration patent for foreign citizens (citizens of Ukraine):
  • Application for migration patent (2 copies);
  • Photo 3×4 cm;
  • Original passport;
  • Migration card for crossing the Russian border, the date, the number, purpose of residence – work;
  • Medical certificate of health (the applicant can’t have HIV infection, tuberculosis, mental illness, drug addiction);
  • Other documents (the employment contract, health insurance).
Required list of documents to obtain TRP for citizens of Ukraine:
  • Completed application form (two copies in print or manuscript);
  • Photo 3,5×4,5 cm;
  • Passport of the citizen of Ukraine, other identity document;
  • Certificate of no criminal record, harassment by law enforcement agencies (must be ordered in the territory of the Russian police force);
  • A certificate of Russian language abilities, Russian history knowledge and the outlines of the legal base of the Russian Federation;
  • Document on education, qualification (certificate of graduation, diploma);
  • A medical certificate, certificates that shows that applicant has no HIV infection, tuberculosis, neuropsychiatric disorders, drug addiction (in Russian and English, issued in specialized centers in the Russian Federation);
  • The payment of state duty.
For TRP non quota registration, the consular fee of $40 is paid in the territory of Ukraine through the Russian consulate.

What documents are required to obtain a residence permit in Russia?

Foreign citizens who has TRP and who have not leave the territory of Russia during the year or were abroad no more than 180 days, can submit a package of documents for a residence permit. For more details please contact the official website of the FMS of Russia. Our specialists will advise for free on the full list of categories of persons who are entitled to apply for a residence permit.
A foreign citizen who has received a residence permit may work in any region of Russia. According to the legal framework this person is equal in their rights with a Russian citizen. Residence permit is issued for 5 years and is renewable at the expiration of this period.
Required list of documents for obtaining residence permit for foreign citizens and citizens of Ukraine:
  • Application form (2 copies);
  • Photo 3.5×4.5 cm (4 copies);
  • Ukrainian passport or other identify document;
  • Income certificate from the place of work. Monthly salary should not be lower than the average subsistence level;
  • A document confirming the applicant is not disabled;
  • Bank statement of account and savings;
  • Notarized rental agreement, contract of sale, proof of ownership of the real estate in the Russian Federation;
  • A document confirming Russian language abilities. Examination is held in specialized centers, after which the certificate of conformity is issued;
  • The original and a copy of the marriage certificate, employment contract, etc .;
  • A medical certificate, certificates that shows that applicant has no HIV infection, tuberculosis, neuropsychiatric disorders, drug addiction (in Russian and English, issued in specialized centers in the Russian Federation);
  • Payment of registration fee (RUB 3500).
After receiving the documents, the bodies of the FMS of Russia are making decision to issue a residence permit during 6 months.

The cost of immigration services

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