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Tax law practice

OK Capital's tax practice is one of the key ones in the company, a large staff of specialists deals with the analysis and minimization of tax risks. Owing to a comprehensive approach and experience of working with clients in the field of tax planning, we can offer you effective solutions to your problems, as well as offer you options to eliminate or minimize potential tax risks. Our client base and the list of solved client cases allows us to take into account important nuances of taxation not only of individual issues within Ukraine, but also complex cross-border transactions and business models in general.

Our services in this area:

Our team effectively solves the full range of tax issues that our clients face at the international and national levels, namely, the range of our services in the field of taxation includes:


· Legislation on CFC and deoffshorization.
· Transfer pricing.
· Tax support of the company's current activities.
· Consultations on all types of taxes.
· International taxation.
· Tax audit.
· Tax planning at the national and international levels.
· Tax structuring of transactions, analysis of tax risks of individual transactions.
· Taxation of individuals.
· Preparation of tax returns.
· Tax examination of contracts.

Resolution of tax disputes:

· Administrative and judicial appeals against decisions of tax authorities.
· Support of the results of on-site and desk tax audits.
· Challenging the results of on-site and desk tax audits.
· Appeal of tax notifications-decisions in administrative and judicial proceedings.
· Appeal against actions, inactivity of tax authorities, their officials.
· VAT refund cases.
· Protection of the taxpayer's interests in cases of termination of a legal entity, termination of the entrepreneurial activity of an individual entrepreneur, invalidation of the constituent documents of a legal entity.


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