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Compliance and investigation practice

Compliance is a set of initiatives aimed at preventing actions of company employees that contradict the law and introducing corporate business ethics based on compliance with the letter of the law. OK Capital helps its clients to work in difficult conditions without a single violation of legal norms. Our qualified lawyers will help you navigate the legislation of your chosen jurisdiction and develop the most effective solutions.

If you suspect that you have encountered difficulties in understanding further actions, our lawyers will help to conduct a detailed investigation and provide the most effective ways to solve your situation.

Our services in this area:

·     Development of anti-corruption policies and programs.
·     Consultations in the field of countering money laundering, KYC and sanctions legislation.
·     Anti-corruption audit.
·     Monitoring of business partners.
·     Conducting a legal audit of the compliance system.
·     Conducting internal investigations regarding possible misconduct.
·     Assessment of compliance risks.
·     Representation of the client's interests in state bodies.


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