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Corporate security practice

Corporate security is the state of protection of the entire spectrum of interests of business owners, measures and guarantees that ensure the control of owners over their company and property flows, timely prevention of conflicts with third parties, the availability of protection methods in case of violation of the rights of the business owner by other persons.

This practice is gaining expertise and already today more than 30 clients have entrusted us with the full support of their corporate security on issues ranging from the development and implementation of corporate security systems to solving crisis situations and unprecedented conflicts.

Our specialists have knowledge and experience in the field of corporate security and this gives us the opportunity to confidently resolve complex conflict situations, build a clear and understandable line of defense, and achieve the necessary result for the client. We are ready to get involved in the resolution of complex corporate situations at any stage of their development, defending the interests of the client, achieving a positive result of resolving the dispute.

Our services in this area:

· defending the rights of shareholders in pre-trial and judicial proceedings;
· implementation of urgent anti-raider actions: protection of business from attempts to "seize" the enterprise and its assets;
· representation of the interests of your organization in relations with any public authorities;
· appeal against illegal actions (inaction) and decisions (normative and non-normative acts) of municipal, law enforcement, tax, state and other bodies that violate the normal functioning of your company;
· conducting a legal examination of concluded or concluded contracts with counterparties;
· implementation of claims work, pre-trial settlement of disputes, negotiations;
· support of the enforcement procedure, preparation of all necessary documents and support of the initiated enforcement proceedings.


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