Data protection and cybersecurity practice

Today, personal data is becoming an increasingly valuable asset, which is inextricably linked with business risks. To a greater extent, this applies to business in the field of e-commerce, as well as Internet business, in particular: social networks, dating sites, recruiting companies and others. Due to the fact that today businesses are facing rapidly changing legislation on personal data protection and the risks of serious violations in the field of personal data security, as well as due to the fact that there are a large number of online businesses among our clients, we decided to create a separate practice that specializes in personal data issues and their protection.

We advise on legal regulation in the field of data management and protection of those clients who conduct business and process personal data of individuals, citizens of Ukraine and Europe.

Our practice consists of qualified international lawyers, which gives us a full understanding of the EU directives and regulations (for example, GDPR, CCPA) and allows us to take them into account along with the Ukrainian data protection rules while working on any project.

Our services in this area:

· Consulting on legislation on the protection of information and personal data.
· Audit of personal data processing and information protection processes.
· Consulting on data processing and information protection in the context of e-commerce, preparation of documentation packages required for publication on e-commerce web resources (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, wording of consents to the processing of personal data)
· Preparation of corporate regulations on personal data processing.
· Advising on cross-border transfer of personal data.
· Performing the function of the person responsible for organizing the processing of personal data.
· Consulting and conducting trainings on compliance with the new European legislation on personal Data protection (GDPR).
· Advising employers on the implementation of measures such as monitoring email correspondence and the use of the Internet by employees, checking information about candidates when applying for a job, conducting internal investigations, etc.
· Assistance in restoring access to blocked websites due to illegal content or violations of Ukrainian legislation.


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