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United Kingdom (UK)

UK is one of the prestigious jurisdictions, so it would be wrong to consider it as an offshore. Despite of high rates on taxes out there, many investors prefer to register their companies in UK fully appreciating the benefits of doing business in this jurisdiction:

  • High level of protection of the rights, including intellectual property rights at the legislative level. That is why many software development companies prefer to run their business in UK.
  • United Kingdom is respectable jurisdiction. Registration of the company in this country will increase the level of trust and respect from your customers and partners.
  • Simple and transparent tax system.
  • Corporate tax rates in the UK are one of the lowest among the countries of EU and depend on amount of profit. If profit is below 300 000 pounds then the rate is 20%, if the profit is above this amount, then the rate would be 24%.
  • There is an ability to compensate the VAT.
  • There is no taxation for non-resident companies that operate outside the UK.
  • Nominee service is allowed.
  • UK has an agreements to avoid double taxation with more than 100 countries of the world.

Basic organizational and legal forms of companies in UK:


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