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New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is not included in the black list of offshore zones and is considered to be a prestigious jurisdiction for the registration of a company or for opening a local bank account.

Advantages of registration a company in New Zealand:
– Modern infrastructure, developed banking and a stable political systems;
– There are no foreign exchange control;
– There are no requirements to the minimum authorized capital;
– Annual audit. The Company is exempt from the annual statutory audit, if more than 25% of the shares owned by residents of the country;
– All companies, except for non-resident trust, are required to submit an annual financial report;
– Company’s profit that was received from outside New Zealand is not taxed. Even if there is no commercial activity in the jurisdiction of such companies, it is still required to submit annual information report at the place of registration (Annual Return);
– Corporate bank account can be opened without the personal presence of the director and the company’s founders;
– Short term of incorporation procedure, that takes about 5-6 business days;
– A high level of confidentiality. Information about beneficiaries may be provided only to the registered agent.
At the same time, all registered companies in New Zealand are required:
– to have an office or room in the country, where the annual financial statements will be stored;
– together with Director it is required to have a Secretary, because Director can’t be the Secretary at the same time.
The main financial partners of New Zealand are USA and Australia. New Zealand has signed 34 agreements on avoidance of double taxation.

Taxes in New Zealand:
The income tax is 39%.
Corporate income tax is 30%.
Investment projects, approved by the Government, instead of income tax have to pay a flat rate of 2%. It is so-called Lewy rate. Thus, New Zealand attracts foreign investments.

Offshore in New Zealand. In order to optimize taxation, some entrepreneurs register the trust fund in this jurisdiction, as well as the second company, with the founders and beneficiaries who are non-resident legal entities. Commercial activities of such company takes place outside New Zealand and all documentary activities are carried out through the trust fund. In this case, the corporate income tax is paid at the place of registration of the founders of the second company. It is worth noting that the founders may be registered in one of the low-tax or offshore jurisdictions, which significantly lowers the tax burden on the company.

Basic organizational and legal forms of companies in New Zealand:


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