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Latvia is in the list of EU member-states and one of the prestigious jurisdictions. Registration of the company in this country gives its owner such advantages as:
  • Latvia is respectable jurisdiction. Registration of the company in this country will increase the level of trust and respect from your customers and partners.
  • The ability to provide goods and services with the mark of European company.
  • Stability of banking system.
  • The possibility to get a residence permit in Latvia for the owner of the company.
  • Latvian legislation provides significant tax benefits for international companies.
  • VAT rate is the lowest among EU countries and is 15%.
  • There are no taxes on dividends and profits from the sale of shares.
  • Registration of the company in Latvia will be relevant for stocks storing and increasing the assets of the enterprise, optimization interest payments and royalties.
  • Confidentiality of information about the business.
  • Latvia has the agreements to avoid double taxation with more than 53 countries of the world.
Basic organizational and legal forms of companies in Latvia:


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