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Germany is one of prestigious jurisdictions and registration of the company in this country gives the owner such advantages as:

  • The ability to provide goods and services with the mark of European company.
  • The possibility of obtaining loans from banks in Germany.
  • The ability to export goods to other countries without customs duties and VAT as the share capital of the joint venture.
  • VAT rate is 19%, but there is reduced rate which is 7%. If there is an export then it is full VAT return. Also subject to VAT return referred to the production costs, such as rent, communications, fuel, advertising and other.
  • The tax rate for capital gains is 25%;
  • The tax rate on dividends is 20%;
  • The tax rate on interest is 30% if payment is made by a German bank;
  • Royalty tax rate is 25%.
  • Germany has the agreements to avoid double taxation with more than 69 countries of the world.
  • Confidentiality of information about the business.

Basic organizational and legal forms of companies in Germany:


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