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Canada is a prestigious jurisdiction with a high level of income per person. The Canadian authorities have made all efforts to ensure that activities of enterprises in the country were open and transparent. That is why the companies registered in Canada have a high reputation, and Canada itself is not included in the black list of offshore zones.

It should be noted that the legislation in three provinces, such as Quebec, Alberta and New Brunswick provides registration of the company which could be the recipient of foreign company, including offshore. Thus, the company can operate as an offshore company, having registration in prestigious Canadian jurisdiction.

  • Canada is respectable jurisdiction. Registration of the company in this country will increase the level of trust and respect from your customers and partners.
  • The ability to provide goods and services with the mark of Canadian company.
  • Registration of the company in Canada will facilitate access to international markets and become a good basis for attracting of foreign investments. Also it will help to get a residence permit in Canada.
  • According to Canadian legislation the information from the register of shareholders is open. However using a company already registered in offshore jurisdictions allows to use nominee service.
  • There is no tax responsibility for non-resident companies.
  • It takes from three to four weeks to register a company in Canada.
  • Canada has the agreements to avoid double taxation with more than 100 countries

Basic organizational and legal forms of companies in Canada:


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