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Infrastructure and transport

In the conditions of globalization of the modern world, qualified legal support is necessary for the effective development and functioning of transport communications, passenger and cargo transportation. OK Capital Company, consisting of professional lawyers, provides a wide range of legal services to companies engaged in the development and construction of transport infrastructure. Thanks to our experience in this field, today we understand in detail the specific nuances of the economic activities of companies in this sector and successfully take them into account when providing our services to clients, and we also provide investors with effective legal support when making direct and portfolio investments in various sectors of the economy.

In addition to our experience in solving standard issues, our understanding of legislation and the business environment in this area gives us the opportunity to help clients in the implementation of the most complex projects in such sub-sectors as roads, railways, road transport, airports and aviation, ports, sea transport and transportation, shipbuilding, pipeline transport.
We help clients in such matters as:

· Development of all types of contracts related to the regulation of the activities of organizations in the provision of transport services, maintenance and creation of infrastructure facilities
· Legal support of financing of infrastructure projects
· Support in M&A transactions and procedures in the acquisition of transport and road construction companies
· Consulting in the field of taxation of enterprises engaged in the provision of transport services, construction of highways and road infrastructure facilities
· Advising on customs legislation
· Innovative structuring and documentation of transactions
· Development of effective strategies to protect investment acts and reduce risks from investment activities
· Support in investments in hydrotechnical and coastal infrastructure of seaports
· Support in construction and reconstruction of highways


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