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Banking аnd financial law practice

High-quality legal support is necessary for the effective work of financial institutions and credit institutions. Successful experience in the field of financial law allows OK Capital's banking and financial law practitioners to provide legal support to financial sector players, taking into account the specifics of the market of Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal support to banks, financial institutions, professional participants in the securities market, leasing and insurance companies, as well as private investors.

The scope of this practice includes the provision of legal services in the field of finance, banking law and currency regulation. The sphere of services in these areas can be implemented both in relation to banking and other financial institutions, and their clients - legal entities and individuals.

Our services in this area:

In relation to banking and other financial institutions:
  • Consultations on the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of banks and other financial institutions.
  • Legal analysis and preparation of legal documentation in order to obtain a banking license in Ukraine, as well as in such countries as: Great Britain, Malta, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Poland, Canada and others.
  • Support in issues related to the bank's corporate rights in other business entities and/or other participants in the bank.
  • Representation of interests of banking institutions in relations with the National Bank of Ukraine, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and other entities.
  • Consultations on the current legislation regarding the provision of banking services in order to form a mechanism acceptable to the bank for their provision.

In relation to legal entities and individuals:
  • Legal support in issues related to the use of currency legislation.
  • Advising and supporting the issues of lending to residents by non-residents.
  • Resolution of disputes (including in court) related to banking, currency and other legislation.
  • Preparation of legal opinions on the issues of trust management of property.
  • Advising on the provision of financial services, including professional services in the securities market and banking services.
  • Support in investment activities, consulting on the use of investment funds.
  • Assistance in structuring business in the financial market.
  • Support in issues of shares, additional issues of shares (IPO, SPO).


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