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Agriculture is one of the leading and most developed sectors of the Ukrainian economy. This is evidenced by the active development of national enterprises, as well as the increasingly opening of new representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine. Successful business in the field of agriculture is almost impossible without legal support, since this sector of the Ukrainian economy is regulated in detail and contains a large number of legal norms that need to be understood taking into account judicial practice. In order to comprehensively approach the issue of creating an agribusiness, you need to clearly understand that such branches of law as corporate, tax, land, investment and others will be an integral part in the development of the company. The business operating in this area is distinguished by its scale: agricultural production, local and international trade in raw materials or finished products, and supply logistics require significant human resources and large investments. Our lawyers regularly provide legal services to several large agricultural companies in Ukraine, and we really want to see you among our clients. We will take on issues such as legal support for the purchase and sale of agricultural products and advise on investment projects in the field of agribusiness and business structuring, and in case of disputes, we will represent you in court and defend your rights.
You can rely on us in the following matters:

· Creation of a new business, investments, corporate structure planning
· Opening access of products to foreign markets
· Consulting on trade, storage, transportation and processing of agricultural products
· Consulting on land issues, including agricultural land, real estate and construction
· Comprehensive legal support of M&A transactions and corporate restructuring in agribusiness, obtaining permits for concentration
· Drafting contracts with contractors and suppliers
· Export-import operations, customs issues
· Advice on labeling, marketing and food safety
· Protection of intellectual property rights for plant varieties and animal breeds, patents for inventions and utility models
· Support in tax audits
· Collection of debts for the supply of agricultural products and losses due to crop loss
· Protection of assets from unfriendly takeovers and raider attacks
· Insurance
· Taxation


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